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Work based learning (WBL) is proving to be a successful model to improve the learners’ employability which is especially relevant at this time in Europe with a dramatically high number of unemployed youths. Different sectors and stakeholders are demanding a more labour-market-oriented VET education combining practical and theoretical learning in order to qualify skilled workers in a practical way and better prepare them for the requirements of the labour market.
Stimulating international mobility of VET learners by means of transnational WBL experiences is one of the key instrument in achieving this target.
Transnational WBL experiences represent a fundamental tool for the development of key competences in dealing with working changes and ensuring employability. It has been highlighted the strong educational value of such experiences as they enable the acquisition of knowledge and competences, additional to those obtained through the ordinary training curriculum, as well as of intercultural and language abilities and skills, attitudes towards change and “international competences”. However, at present many legislative, regulatory obstacles as well as the lack of quality and mechanisms supporting trasnational WBL prevent the achievement of this objective.
TRAM-WBL proposal was elaborated jointly by some partners in order to build a participative framework. Some partners (CPV, USRV, ISQ, Internationaler Bund (IB), Obchodná akadémia Dudova) were selected by their Erasmus + NAs to participate to the Contact Seminar on WBL organised in December 2014 by the German NA at BIBB in cooperation with six national agencies from the countries that have signed the "Memorandum of Cooperation in VET in Europe.

The EU added value of the project is mainly the support provided to the implementation of common EU tools and methods for transnational WBL quality assurance, for the implementation of an effective ECVET system for comparability and portability of VET qualifications in full compliance with EQF principles and the establishment of zones of mutual trust between companies and school/VET providers.

TRAM-WBL network will provide a unique opportunity for cross-sectoral and cross-boundary partners to meet together and learn of current good practices in transnational WBL and to build on the partnership work with employers to develop a deeper and Europe-wide understanding of employer needs and contextual issues in workforce development. This will provide the basis for understanding the needs and aspirations of employers and how transnational work based learning can match this.
Co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
Co-founded by the
Erasmus+ Programme
of the European Union

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