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Istituto Guglielmo Tagliacarne

IGT is a training and socio-economic research Foundation, established by the Italian Union of the Chambers of Commerce. It acts in the public and private spheres, the aim being to spread the socio-economic culture. IGT supports competences and process in Public Administrations through actions of action- research and training; it promotes specific training programmes related to emerging competences and innovative professional profiles, especially in SMEs and involving young people (e.g. skills related to ICT and to entrepreneurship). through its studies, the Foundation aims to improve knowledge on sectors, local economies, socio-economic trends, employment, local development dynamics. IGT designs, achieves and co-ordinates training programmes: from the needs analysis to delivery and evaluation; it designs and achieves analyses and studies on entrepreneurship, company growth and innovation and internationalisation processes, sustainability, employment. Since its beginning, the Institute has taken part, as coordinator or partner, in transnational projects selected within Programmes co-funded by the European Union. The main experiences carried out to date have been within Programmes such as: Lifelong Learning-Leonardo da Vinci, Research Framework Programme, Progress, ISEC, EaSI.
Among the main topics of projects carried out up to now: training of trainers, quality in VET (Vocational and Educational Training), vocational guidance, innovative methodologies for reflective and participatory action-research, entrepreneurship, network of SMEs, social enterprises, local development, transnational administrative cooperation. Transnational Partnerships the Institute took or still takes part in includes: Public Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, Workers Organizations, Employers Associations, Universities, Schools and Research Institutes.
Co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
Co-founded by the
Erasmus+ Programme
of the European Union

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ERASMUS+ VET KA2 Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices Strategic Partnerships for vocational education an training - Call: 2015