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Assessing a work based learning experience

At the end of the transnational WBL activity the teacher will support the company tutor in evaluating the student’s achievements by completing the section concerned in the WBL plan template.

The Work-Based Learning Plan also includes a section on which the student and his or her company tutor will evaluate the student’s soft skills concerning the following areas:

A) Basic Skills
B) Cognitive skills
C) Personal quality and following competencies
D) Information management
E) Systems
F) Technology
G) Resources management
H) Interpersonal

The company tutor identifies for each area at least two skills and competencies. The student will be evaluated on a five-point scale given at the bottom of the page. Students should talk to the company about these skills. They should find out what "entry level" means to their supervisor in each skill area so that they can plan how to improve their own performance.
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Co-founded by the
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