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International WBL delivers unique benefits to a company engaging in this activity, in particular if it’s a small or medium one. International mobility strengthens the access to the European Single Market. Through this huge well of opportunities, a company can strike new deals and consequently become more prosperous and able to grow.
Hosting a trainee coming from another country means to have a new contact that becomes a bridge between companies and an accessible expert on business opportunities in that country. A European Commission study in 2010 has shown that internationally active companies report an employment growth of 7%, and 26% of internationally active companies introduced products or services that were new for their sector in their country.

What is intercultural communication?

Intercultural awareness and sensitivity are of extreme importance in the globalized international workplace. With the globalization of business, increased diversity in the workplace and multicultural emphasis in society, cultural awareness has become one of the most important business tools in almost every industry. Understanding the cultures of those around you will enhance communication, productivity and unity in the workplace.
The benefits of being culturally aware are innumerable, and with the global economy, intercultural teams are becoming the norm, but interaction with people from different cultures comes with real challenges to the way in which people work and communicate.
A strong and effective communication is crucial to create a working environment in teams that are inclusive, effective and satisfying.
Intercultural competence is a skill that can be learned and needs practice. It ultimately enables effective and professional performance in any cultural setting.
Co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
Co-founded by the
Erasmus+ Programme
of the European Union

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